Joseph Pabon, 26, of Staten Island, has not been charged or even called a suspect in the slaying of 46-year-old Eridania Rodriguez, whose bound body was found stuffed in an air duct Saturday in the Financial District building where she worked as a cleaning woman. But plainclothes cops are still tailing him 24 hours a day, and so is the press. With no new developments in the investigation to report, the Post has been digging into Pabon's past, and today the tabloid airs some dirty laundry on the elevator operator's family.

We already knew that Joseph Pabon was arrested in April for allegedly punching and choking Lisa Marie Blumenberg, his current girlfriend, and then throwing a bowling ball through her car window in a drunken rage. Now the Post reports that Pabon's 71-year-old father is a registered sex offender who, some years ago, was convicted of statutory rape with his son's 14-year-old ex-girlfriend after she came to him for advice on how to win Joseph back. Yesterday Blumenberg was seen taking boxes of clothes from Pabon's house and loading them in her car. And neighbor Frank Dudley tells the Staten Island Advance, "They're a little disconnected. You can't figure out anything about them." Someone's getting a bowling ball through the windshield tonight!

Pabon's lawyer, Mario Gallucci, insists his client has "nothing to hide" and held a press conference yesterday to condemn the surveillance, telling reporters, "I've never seen anything like it, I've never seen police behave or act in this manner." Pabon has voluntarily given investigators a DNA sample, and police are still awaiting the results of forensic and DNA tests conducted on the corpse. But Gallucci is confident his client's DNA "is not going to be on the body."

Meanwhile, Rodriguez's family held a wake yesterday in Inwood; her body will be flown to the Dominican Republic for burial. Her brother tells NY1, "To lose somebody in this manner is beyond words, you can't even imagine, anybody, especially a decent, hard-working woman to just be done like this, nobody deserves this. Nobody."