The tenants of 301 East 69th Street, a building on the northeast corner of 69th and 2nd Avenue, are giving the MTA alternate options for subway entrance placement. The Post reports that the "posh" co-op buliding is upset with the MTA's intention to " partially condemn their building" during construction, and would like the entrance to be moved to the northwest or southwest corners. Which is brilliant, because it's not like construction would really affect any of the buildings on the other corners. Gothamist guesses that the subway entrance at East 69th Street would be a part of the East 72nd Street stop proposed. The MTA could build the stop two ways: With access to uptown and downtown service (common at express stations) or with access to uptown service only since it's on the east side of the street. If it's the latter, then asking the MTA to move the entrance to the west side of the street is moot. And it seems like there should be an entrance on both sides of the street, not just one. Who knows - the MTA's planning is so confusing, and with it happening on such an-already developed block, everything is a crapshoot.

Gothamist on the Second Avenue Subway.