2006_11_lincolntowers.JPGTake the wackiness of co-ops and add the politics of co-op board elections to the mix, and you get allegations of pedophilia! Well, you do at the Lincoln Towers, where one resident claimed that one board candidate was sleeping with underage girls. William Unroch, who runs a model management company (we think this is the site), sued neighbor Carol Monderer for defamation, and yesterday, a judge okay'd the defamation suit to proceed. The judge said Monderer "clearly implied [he] was sexually involved with minors," while the 56 year old Unroch's girlfriend is of age - though she's only 22.

The Daily News says that Monderer also "dug up Unroch's 1982 grand larceny conviction and labeled him a pornographer for posting links to raunchy pictures on his Web site." (The judge did think that Unroch could be called a pornographer since there are pictures of topless women on his modeling agency's website.) Monderer's position?

An attorney for Monderer, a 53-year-old mother of three, declined to comment. But in court papers, Monderer said Unroch had "abused the legal system by bringing this frivolous lawsuit."

She also took issue with a section of Unroch's Web site, in which he advises would-be models to not wear engagement rings to meetings with talent agents - and suggests that working as "strippers," "go-go dancers" and "unlicensed masseuses" can help pay the rent.

Unroch says his advice is pretty mild compared to what else is out there. And also: "To be living with a 22-year-old isn't a crime - besides she's turning 23 soon."