2008_04_richardquest.jpgWell, CNN reporter Richard Quest is nothing but honest. He was charged with drug possession after the police found methamphetamime in his pocket. How did they know? The NY Times explained that Quest "volunteered, 'I have meth in my pocket.'"

The police stopped Quest because he was in Central Park (around West Drive and 64th Street) at 3:40 a.m., well after the 1 a.m. curfew (it's open again at 6 a.m.). Police try to enforce the park curfew--even refusing the extend a John Lennon memorial one year--which was reimposed back in 1989.

Jossip points out given that Quest is openly gay, "you're looking at a rumormonger that pretty much goes like this: EVERY GAY IS A DRUG-FUELED SEX HOUND PROWLING FOR SEX IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT." (The Ramble has a reputation as a cruising spot.)