Yesterday, the Bronx Zoo and the Daily News announced they were conducting a naming contest for the Egyptian cobra that "escaped" from the Reptile House and straight into our hearts. And so far, the names are pretty lame. Suggestions include Loosey, Twitter and Wanda, "because of her travels." Zoodini ain't bad, but what else is out there?

Besides the genius of Hissy Elliot, we've thought of Hood-lum (get it?), Fangtasia, Lady McAdder and Hissni Mubarak. We'd also settle for Aspy Hall, though that's kind of a stretch. One Daily News commenter suggested, "Dion DiMucci grew up one block from the Bronx Zoo. Thus, the name RUNAROUND SUE would be perfect!" Runaround Zoo? Voting is open until 1 p.m. tomorrow, and the zoo will announce the official name on Thursday.