As Rep. Charles Rangel must decide whether to settle the House Ethics charges brought against him or to head to trial, one of his longtime colleagues is hoping the Harlem Democrat can just work out a deal. House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) said on MSNBC that he thought Rangel should admit wrongdoing, "I think that Charlie Rangel made it very clear in all the discussions I had with him...that he was willing to stipulate to all the sworn testimony that [was] made regarding these 13 allegations... Once a stipulation is made like that, the groundwork is there for a resolution to be had short of any kind of trial. So I would hope that we can get this done."

The charges are related to his four (!) rent-stabilized apartments, not reporting income and/or taxes on various properties, sales, using House letterhead to solicit donations for a CUNY graduate school named after him and preserving a tax loophole worth $500 million to an oil executive who pledged a donation to the school.

While President Obama said that he hoped Rangel would "end his career with dignity," a White House spokesman explained the president's remarks, "When it comes to this process, he's just not going to put his thumb on the scale of its outcome," and will let what happens happen. If Rangel heads to trial, he'll have a busy fall—there are a number of primary challengers awaiting him in September.