You know how the police raided and shut down a bunch of clubs over the weekend? It seems that the police information was a little bit murky: The NYPD admitted that two men accused of selling drugs to undercover officers while working at Club Deep diddn't actually work at there. D'oh! Police still claim that some dealers may have been giving a cut of their sales to club owners, who in turn think the police are just out to get them with wild claims. Oh, the paranoia of club owners - don't they realize the police are out to get everyone? And we really would like to see a show, a la New York Undercover, where the cops go try to infiltrate clubs or, um, groups of bike riding enthusiasts.

The police are also dealing with accusations that they are targeting establishments with gay-clienteles (a popular gay gym was given a restraining order). And of the busted clubs, only Speed has reopened.