Shock waves in West Chelsea: The Observer reports Amy Sacco wants to sell Bungalow 8, the club that made the area attractive as a late night hang out. Citing the increased police presence in the area after the death of Jennifer Moore, the 18 year old NJ resident whose drunken night at Guest House on West 27th Street preceded being kidnapped from the West Side Highway and then raped and murdered in NJ, Sacco said, “It’s become really oppressive. People don’t want to walk outside and have klieg lights shining in your face and cops herding you like cattle."

“It looks like downtown Beirut,” said David Rabin, the owner of Lotus and the president of the New York Night Life Association. “You think someone coming in from France or London or Vegas or wherever is going to get off a plane and come to 27th Street and see that as fun?”

...“Two other owners on that block have approached me wanting to sell in the last couple months,” said Alex Picken, the city’s biggest nightclub broker. Mr. Picken was involved in the sale of one of Ms. Sacco’s other hangouts, Lot 61. “It’s like a Mardi Gras over there, and a lot of the high-end patrons—some of whom are models and actors and whoever—they’re leaving the clubs at 3 a.m., and they’re getting harassed on the streets by the other people as well as by the cops. And they’re deciding to take their business elsewhere.”

Sacco also blamed the community board for issuing too many licenses. In turn, Community Board 4 pointed out that the State Liquor Authority does the actual issuing, with CB4 chair Lee Compton explaining, "Up until recently, the State Liquor Authority was predisposed to grant licenses no matter what.” (The SLA recently revised its rules, not allowing any new licenses for establishments within 500 feet of already existing liquor-licensed joints.

Was the demise of West 27th Street expected? Do you go to clubs on West 27th Street? Or are they overrun by the bridge and tunnel crowd? After Moore's death, the city's papers spoke to the young women who frequent West 27th Street clubs. In August, the NYPD said criminal activity increased in the West Chelsea club area, but whether that's due to more police presence is unclear. The Post even took to calling West 27th a "Waste Land."

Photograph taken by isaiaht