Hot on the heels of the shocking news that NYU disapproves of underage drinking comes another explosive expose from the Post on the "Waste Land" that is West 27th Street. What do Murdoch's kids have to tell us about those naughty youths this week? Brace yourselves. Sometimes party promoters will purposely seek out underage women to fill out nightclubs! One unidentified promoter even goes so far as to tell a reporter that "if they're hot, we'll get them in." The Post hed? HOTTIES A LURE.

Sigh. Is anybody surprised by this? Really? Of course clubs are going to try to attract nubile young women. They make great bait for the older well-moneyed patrons who actually provide the bread and butter for the clubs. This isn't anything new. Maybe it'd be easier to worry less about an arbitrary drinking age and more about teaching responsible drinking?

On the other hand, paired with the Post's revelations is another article on what exactly is being done about the situation by the NYPD. The short answer? Lots of quality-of-life tickets for clubs, a few arrests, some new ID scanners and the ongoing threat of more club closings - Crobar and Home better watch their backs!

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