Back during Halloween weekend in 2004, a man kidnapped a woman leaving Crobar, drove her to NJ and raped her. Police say that they captured the rapist, 22 year old Emlo Rivadeneira of Kearny, NJ. The authorities linked him to the 2004 case as well as a 2005 sexual assault on a 16 year old in NJ because of a cellphone that was dropped during another incident.

In September 2004, a man grabbed a woman in Chelsea, but she managed to fight him off with his cellphone left on the street. DNA from the cellphone matched the two other attacks; the cellphone was traced back to the store where it was sold and the cellphone's purchaser said he gave the phone to Rivadeneira who was then positively ID'd by one of his victims.

Police believed Rivadeneira could be responsible for six other attacks in NYC and NJ. And even though female clubgoers are relieved, they say that women need to be careful. One told the Daily News, "I'm alone a lot and I've always felt safe, but I don't get intoxicated unless I'm with someone who can help me get home." So it's about having a designated friend.