New York magazine has a big feature about the glitz, debauchery, and trouble of West 27th Street nightclubs. In the wake of murders, shootings, raids, accidental deaths, rapes and neighborhood complaints, the clubs have been under the microscope for almost a year now. New York reporter Isaiah Wilner also looks at the reporting the NY Post has done about the clubs. After Moore's murder, the Post's Sunday editor Lauren Ramsby "commanded her reporters to bring her any news they could find about underage drinkers on 27th Street."

Ramsby sent out a team including her youth-culture reporter, Elizabeth Wolff, a slight, loafer-wearing Brearley brunette. Wolff went to the street that weekend and saw the usual scene: puddles of vomit, women without shoes, men brawling, bouncers hoisting and tossing drunks onto the sidewalk. Some did not look like they would survive the night. “There was this girl—she had been walking toward Eleventh Avenue from B.E.D.,” Wolff recalls. “She had no shoes, she was drooling, and she looked like she was dead. She didn’t look like she was breathing. She just collapsed. Her friends were worried, but, of course, they had lost their other friends. So there was this, ‘Where do we go? What do we do? Do we get our friends?’ Eventually a cop came over and lifted her head and got an ambulance, but she was lying on the ground for 25 minutes before one came.”

And while it's no West 27th Club Row,Staten Island's North Shore has had two murders, for a total of three since September, in its club area.