On Saturday morning, 86-year-old Betty Zengel, who suffers from Alzheimer's, managed to disappear from her caretaker's watch on the Upper East Side—and somehow ended up outside a Chelsea nightclub at midnight. M2 Ultralounge's owner and head of security contacted the NYPD, whose officers escorted Zengel away. But later the club's owner and security noticed Zengel wandering in the rainy streets a few blocks away—and now the club claims the NYPD abandoned Zengel.

Security director Scott Rice told the NY Post, "I'm used to 25-year-olds, and this wet little lady comes over. She wasn't homeless, you could tell. She was very old-school looking, [wearing] going-to-church kind of clothes." When he saw her left on the corner alone, Rice said that he confronted cops, "The officer said, 'She's fine," but Rice retorted, "Dude, she's not fine. You take care of the woman."

This second time, the police took Zengel to a station house, where it was discovered she was missing. NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said the club's allegations were untrue, "The club approached us because they didn't like having an elderly woman outside," and said that Zengel appeared to be fine, claiming she was from the neighborhood. Zengel's son William is simply relieved his mother is safe; according to the NY Times, "In February, Ms. Zengel boarded a bus that took her some 80 blocks south, where she was found wandering around the East Village by a police officer."