About two months ago, as Albany was mired in new chaos with two Democrats aligning with the Republicans during coup/power grab, the NY Post sent a clown to Albany to add to the circus of madness. Today, the NY Times looks (fondly?) at the tabloid's move, interviewing Connie Adams, professionally known as Sunny the Clown. She "typically performs at children’s birthday parties and corporate picnics" and was initially "reluctant to cancel her standing Wednesday night gig at a local Burger King and make the two-and-a-half-hour drive to the capital." But now Adams is happy she said yes, what with a mention on NPR, the Post's coverage, the envy of her peers, and a small amount of local fame when she happens to be in public as her alter-ego: "I don’t generally like to go out when I’m in clown. You have to stay in character, and it’s really hard. But some guy turns to me and says: 'Sunny the Clown! I just saw you in the paper!'" Photo of Sunny from PolitickerNY