The temperature bottomed out at 42 degrees in Central Park this morning, which is normal for mid-November but a little cool for October. Because of that cool start, and clouds arriving a bit sooner than anticipated, this afternoon's high will only reach the upper 50s.

Today's clouds are the advance team for what could be a rainy week. An upper-level disturbance moving through the jet stream will be strong enough to break out of the jet to form a cut-off low that will aimlessly wander around off the Mid-Atlantic coast for a few days. In turn that upper-level low will beget a surface storm that promises rain.

There is a chance of showers tomorrow, which will be the warmest day of the week with a high in the mid 60s. The better bet for rain is on Wednesday and Thursday with the heaviest rain probably staying east of the city. Highs both days are expected to be near 60 degrees.

The stacked storm, where the surface low is directly beneath the upper-level low, will be its own worst enemy by late Thursday as it starts drawing in dry air from Canada. Without much moisture the storm will die off and Friday should turn out mostly sunny. More sun is expected next weekend as well.