We're still waiting on those drenching downpours we promised earlier this week. Since the front that would have produced those downpours passed through the city last night it's not likely they'll occur anytime soon, but we're still waiting. What's more likely is that we'll see light showers and more widespread rain from late this afternoon and into tomorrow morning. An easterly wind is producing mostly cloudy skies, but without the sun heating the ground the lower atmosphere won't get heated up enough to start rising. With a high only near 80, today will be the first cooler than average day in since June 20th.

The passage of a low-level disturbance this evening should get the atmosphere churning enough to produce a few showers. Sorry druids, that will dash any chance of a Manhattanhenge viewing tonight. Since there is a deep column of moisture with this present air mass some of those showers might be heavy overnight. Adding in some solar heating tomorrow and a few isolated thunderstorms might pop up during the day Saturday. Tomorrow will warm to the very low 80s and the Manhattanhenge sunset might be viewable.

Two high pressure systems are expected to duke it out over the weekend. A somewhat cool northerly system will be around late tomorrow and part of Sunday but it will lose out to the Bermuda High by Sunday afternoon. Sunday's high will be in the upper 80s and next week is going to be heat wave time with daily highs starting in the low 90s on Monday and building to the mid 90s by Wednesday.