New Yorkers probably won't get to see what the Wall Street Journal calls the "best comet of the year" because stupid clouds are going to block our view tonight. The Hartley 2, which has an orbital period of 6.46 years, will be making one of the the closest approaches of any comet to earth in the past few centuries between two and three in the morning on Wednesday. Though that might be a good thing, as viewers could be looking at the cause of their future destruction.

On November 4th, NASA will be sending a spacecraft to study the comet with the concern that it could eventually pose an impact risk. And just to make everyone feel safe about that, they named the spacecraft "Deep Impact." The comet should be viewable for the next few days, and WSJ says, "Observers in the Hudson Valley may have the best view, as the eastern sky will be clear of the light pollution of New York City." So you can take a road trip, or just make plans for 2017.