We noticed these cirrus clouds over Brooklyn while out for a walk yesterday afternoon. Cirrus clouds are usually a sign of an approaching warm front which, in addition to warmer weather, often promises a bit of rain. True to form the clouds have gotten more widespread and lower to the ground this morning. There's a slight chance of showers beginning this afternoon and a better chance of rain tonight. The high temperature today should be around 50.

The warm front is expected to arrive late tonight, meaning temperatures will hold steady, or even rise, overnight. Tomorrow should be the warmest day of the week, with a high temperature around 70 degrees. Well, at least according to the Weather Service and Gothamist is discounting AccuWeather's predicted high of only 63 because it contradicts their other predicted high of 72. Hmmm.

All three forecast outfits agree that Wednesday will be within a couple degrees of 60, and Thursday within a degree or two of 55. By Friday their forecasts vary wildly. The Weather Service we'll be sunny and 58, says sunny and 47. AccuWeather splits the difference!