sunny_0823.jpgThe weather today is a near repeat of yesterday, which was almost an exact repeat of Monday and only slightly different from Sunday. Tomorrow, however, the weather will be different. How will tomorrow be different? It will be cloudy and cooler. It may not even reach 80. There may be rain tomorrow night, but there's only a slight chance. For Friday and the weekend the forecast is iffy. Oh, the weather doesn't look too bad, it's the forecast itself that's iffy. Cloudy and cool, sunny and cool and sunny and mild are all equally likely at this point! Gothamist believes the latter will occur but only because of our simple-minded optimism.

In case you've been living in a cave, the first anniversary of the Hurricane Katrina disaster is next week. Did anyone watch the first part of Spike Lee's documentary last night? This hurricane season has been much quieter than last year, but Tropical Storm Debby formed today west of Cape Verde and is slowly moving northwestward. Debby poses no threat to land for at least a week.

Not as readily noticeable as a hurricane but potentially just as devastating is the drought that has been spreading across the Great Plains and southeastern states. We happened to notice these headlines today: Texas Drought Reaches Milestone; Most of State [Georgia] Declared Drought Disaster Area; Drought Price Tag [in Nebraska] Put at $342 million; [Kansas] Governor Declares Drought Warnings Statewide, though some areas have seen rain; and Drought Conditions Prompts Oklahoma Ranchers to Sell Off Their Cattle. Yikes!

Sunny day over the northeastern U.S. from the Naval Research Labs.