Di Fara, the famed Brooklyn pizzeria that claims a space in many people's hearts, has been closed since Monday after failing five of the last six Department of Health restaurant inspections. Now, the media has flocked to get sad reactions from customers. The NY Times talks to a Brooklyn College student, who says, "I come twice a week, at least. This is the best pizza. I don't want to find a new place."

The violations included rodent infestation as well as preparing food without gloves. Owner Dominic DeMarco does not wear gloves, and his son told amNY, "My dad has a thing where he just can't make pizza while wearing gloves... For him, pizza is a very hands-on experience." Yeah - and the pizza is going into a super-hot oven. Pizza blog Slice created a waiver of liability for eating at Di Fara - we'd sign it!

The DeMarcos are awaiting a tribunal (!), scheduled for June 14. DeMarco's daughter told the Times that though they provided a food safety certificate, it wasn't recognized because it was a photocopy. Slice, which has long loved Di Fara, believes this might be a silver lining, given that there's been a problem lately - burnt crusts - writing, "Maybe this break will give Di Fara some time to adjust the oven and fix whatever needs it."

Do you think Di Fara's will re-open? And here are DOH inspection results, save for the most recent one.

Photograph taken at DiFara's by tud5000 on Flickr