Two men who spent years in jail for a Bronx murder they didn't commit were put there because of the false testimony of 60-year-old Penny Cameron. Cameron claims she was coerced into giving false information by a threatening detective and is now coming forward because she has terminal breast cancer. "Every day of my life, I thought about them. I was serving time with them," she tells the Post. Given the choice between being held in a prison of lies and an actual prison, we're going to go with the metaphysical one.

One of the convicted men wasn't even in the country at the time of the murder—he was still in his native Dominican Republic, as "government documentation" later showed. That man, José Garcia, was released in 2007 after spending 14 years in jail. He later received a $7.5 million settlement before being deported on a drug-related offense. The other man, Carlos Morillo, was released on November 2 after 20 years behind bars, thanks to the efforts of his attorney, a judge and Cameron. "I wanted him out before I pass away because he doesn't belong in there," she said.

Cameron's 14-year-old son allegedly witnessed the murder of a drug dealer in 1991, but refused to cooperate with the police, who then approached his mother and said they'd "make life a living hell" for him if she didn't finger the culprits, she claims. The detective in question then allegedly showed Cameron photos of Garcia and Morillo before she identified them in a lineup.

"The government had to have known that there was a significant possibility that this was a misrepresentation,’’ Morillo's lawyer says. His client is currently suing the city. A spokesman for the Bronx DA's office says, "there was not even a hint of misconduct" in the case. It's worth noting that the leading cause of wrongful convictions in the United States is eyewitness misidentification.