A group of masked ATM robbers are on the loose across Sunset Park, Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst and Park Slope, identifiable only by their signature move: splashing the crime scene with bleach. Wait, where have we seen this so-called "cash'n'splash" move before? Oh, right in that Ben Affleck movie The Town! Kids really do imitate celebrities these days.

The robbers, clad in gloves and face masks, are mainly going after bodegas and 99-cent stores, where they break open the ATMs, grab the cash, and dump bleach around the area. So far, they've collected about $250,000 from over 50 robberies since last summer. “He knew exactly what he was doing," said the owner of a deli on Fourth Avenue that was robbed around 4 a.m. last month. "He broke into the machine but didn’t do that much damage.”

Another victim reported that the robbers "took the whole door off" and "smashed" his ATM machine before collecting a cool $6,000. Police are still hunting for the suspects, who seem more wily than the ATM thief who managed to put an ATM in his truck, only to run from the cops and jump in the East River.