Because even when there's a presidential election 56 days away, the most exciting thing is a 90% arterially clogged heart: The local tabloids looks at how on of Bill Clinton's surgeons (Dr. Craig Smith, pictured left)donated $2,000 to Bush's campaign while the surgeon-in-chief at the Weill Center passed up on operating on Clinton to play golf. And damn - quadruple bypass. But as long as he sticks to his diet, exercise, and medication, Bill Clinton should be okay. It's a little sad for John Kerry that the biggest Democratic party news is Bill Clinton's heart surgery, but at least Bubba didn't have a heart attack and make Democrats even more nervous about the future of their party. So many people are asking the hospital where to send flowers - and the hospital has received so many - that the hospital is telling people to send wishes to the Clinton Foundation. Gothamist liked how one street vendor wanted to give Clinton a chicken sandwich but we doubt his doctors would approve of that right now.