Yesterday, Senator Hillary Clinton visited Ground Zero and asked for $1.9 billion in funding to address September 11-related illnesses. Various people afflicted with issues after working at the World Trade Center site were also on hand as Clinton said, "This is a crisis, and we need for the President to respond. We want the President and members of Congress to see the faces of those who have suffered because of our negligence." Yes, better to attack that negligence than discuss the war. The visit was mentioned by Clinton during her first web "conversation" last night, in the context of how she'd be tough on terrorism - you can see the chat here.

Clinton and other NY area politicians have invited sick September 11 responders and family members to the State of the Union address tonight. And you'll be seeing a lot of her tonight, after the State of the Union, we're.

The State of the Union is at 9PM.

Photograph of Senator Clinton at Ground Zero by Mary Altaffer/AP