Photograph, left, of Hillary Clinton at Herrera's Mexican Cafe in Dallas, TX by Carolyn Kaster/AP; photograph, right, of Barack Obama at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo 2008 by Rick Bowmer/AP

Ohio and Texas are "too close to call" for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, which means it will be a long night - and very possibly another few weeks of primary madness. Obama did win Vermont (so far, 59% to Clinton's 39%) and Clinton won Rhode Island (currently 57% to Obama's 42%), which is her first win in a while, but those states aren't the focus.

Currently, at 10PM, with 9% of precincts reporting, Obama is leading 50.56% to Clinton's 47.81% in Texas (but precincts in Houston haven't reported). In Ohio, with 26% of precincts reporting, Clinton is leading 57.65% to Obama's 40.43% - but keep in mind, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton and Toledo haven't reported yet.

There was high voting turnout in Ohio, but also voting problems, thanks to a fake bomb threat and paper ballot issues, prompting a judge to keep Cuyahoga county voting open later. And some Texas precincts didn't order enough ballots, while some Democratic voters will be caucusing as well.

Some early polling info: In Texas, 64% of Hispanics voted for Clinton while 83% of blacks voted to Obama. In both Texas and Ohio, almost two-thirds Younger voters, aged 17- 18-29 tended to vote for Obama, while two thirds of voters over 60 chose Clinton.

The fight for the nomination is so heated that Obama's lawyer Bob Bauer essentially ambushed a Clinton campaign conference call with reporters, to tell the campaign to "stop attacking the caucus process." You can here it at Politco. Also, Obama accused the media of biting on the Clinton's campaign's complaint that they were hard on her and soft on him. Granted, Clinton's getting worked over her comments to 60 Minutes about whether Obama is Muslim.

Update 10:53 p.m.: MSNBC and CNN are projecting that Clinton will win Ohio, with 57% (663,922) of the Ohio vote so far, is the winner. Obama has 41% (470,481) of the vote. Next stop, Pennsylvania?

Update 11:18 p.m.: Clinton is giving a happy, confetti-filled speech about her Ohio victory, noting that her win is for those who have been counted out and knocked around. She makes the point that no President has won without winning the Ohio primary.

Update 11:33 p.m.: Clinton has a slight lead in Texas, with 44% precincts reporting, with about 49.63% to Obama's 48.25%.

Update 3:21 a.m.: It's official: Clinton has won Texas, with 95% precincts reporting, with 50.8% (1,419,732) of the vote.