2008_11_clintonh.jpgWith Hillary Clinton poised join President-elect Obama's cabinet, the Daily News reports that Clinton "passed on becoming boss of the superpowerful Senate Appropriations Committee" for the Secretary of State gig. Which might sting to NYers, because "as chairwoman of the panel that controls the nation's purse strings, Clinton could have pumped billions in federal dollars into the Empire State." The News claims Clinton really wanted to join the health care task force, but Senator Kennedy didn't want her on board (after her presidential campaign tactics against Obama); also, she didn't have the seniority. A source says, "I don't think [Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid] wanted to take on that fight with Kennedy. So they were going to give her Appropriations." And remember when Clinton told Fox News in October, "I am not seeking any other position than to be the best senator from New York that I can be"?