2006_05_schumerstanley.jpgTo no one's surprise, Senator Hillary Clinton won the NY State Democratic nomination for this fall's Senate race. Which means she got to use her acceptance speech as a possible preview into a run for the presidency someday. The NY Times said that President Bill Clinton kept talking and talking (about Hillary), "until finally, perhaps realizing he was the only politician left in the room, he turned to go." That Bubba - what an operator!

In Long Island, NY State Republicans chose Jeannine Pirro to be their nominee for Attorney General . But overall, there seems to be a malaise, due to how terrible their chances will be during the November elections, especially since a stronger-than-expected showing from Katharine "KT" McFarland will force a Senate primary against former Yonkers head John Spencer, who did actually get more than 50% of the vote. Whoever wins, we don't think either will be able to win, no matter how strong the anti-Hillary statement is.

Random amusing fact: The Daily News says Eliot Spitzer came bearing junk food and stories on the campaign bus: "He shared a story of his first courtroom defeat, working as a Manhattan prosecutor. He said he failed to convince the jury that a dog could be considered a dangerous instrument in a robbery."

Photograph of Senator Charles Schumer holding an inflatable Stanley Cup (the Sabres are looking to go to the NHL Finals) from Don Heupel/AP