The Daily News says that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has essentially been turned into a "hotel booking agent" because the State Department is trying to find a suitable place for Libyan leader Moammer Gadhafi to stay—with his air-conditioned Bedouin tent—during his United Nations visit next month. State Department spokesman Ian Kelly said, "We are involved in discussions... We, of course, are sensitive to the concerns [of Gadhafi's potential neighbors]. No decision has been made ... regarding where he will stay."

Reports that Gadhafi might be staying at the Englewood, NJ mansion that Libya has owned since 1982 sparked outcry from the town's mayor— Mayor Michael Wildes said, "Unless this man comes into the U.S. and starts paying his share to reside in this community, this mayor and this community will not be coming with honeycake and sugar."—other politicians and residents. Before that, Gadhafi reportedly asked if his tent could be set up in Central Park.

Senator Frank Lautenberg sent a letter to the State Department, saying that Gadhafi should be restricted to the East Side near the U.N., "Given the recent release of Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, the former Libyan intelligence agent convicted of the 1988 Lockerbie bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 that killed 270 people, including 189 Americans, and the welcome he received upon his return to Libya, allowing Colonel Qadhafi to travel freely in the U.S. would be an affront to the families of the Pan Am 103 victims."