Photograph from Clinton Hill Blog

The NY Times looks at the recent crimes that have rattled the under-transition neighborhood of Clinton Hill:

  • Pratt's director of security (Pratt recently warned students about muggings near but not on campus) said "someone put a garbage can over a woman’s head and then robbed her" in April.
  • A Pratt junior headed to a baby-sitting job was beaten up after she didn't take three girls' request for money seriously: "They took her purse, with an iPod and cash inside, and gave her a black eye that lasted two weeks."
  • "A man in his 20s was beaten by a group of teenagers near the corner of St. James Place and Clifton Place"--a 68-year-old longtime resident yelled at the kids to stop.
  • Another woman walked past a group of teens on Willoughby and Walworth, was hit on the back of her head, kicked and robbed.

Some have attributed the rise in crime to the lack of new police officers (due to the drop in recruits) and Clinton Hill Blog noticed a private security company patrolling some streets. The NYPD even changed the 88th Precinct's commander, though the NYPD tells the Times it has nothing to do with the 26% increase in robberies this year versus last.

Thierry, owner of Choice Market on Lafayette and Grand (a Gothamist commenter said the cafe "transformed the neighborhood dramatically - all of a sudden there was a gathering place"), told the Times, "You have to be careful. It’s New York, I think these people forget.” All in all, crime is down in the neighborhood--when you compare 2007 numbers to 1990, 1995, 1998 and 2001 (see the chart after the jump).

NYPD CompStat figures for the 88th Precinct: