2006_10_hilljohn.jpgSenator Hillary Clinton and her Republican opponent John Spencer debated yesterday morning, and as expected, Spencer brought up her presidential ambitions again. He questioned why she was making trips in states that are important electorally and even went as far to say that he happened to like her (he's got nothing to lose, since the GOP isn't throwing any money at his campaign) she'd be a “tremendous” presidential candidate. But that's as far as the Spencer love goes, because the Daily News has some rather personal comments Spencer made:

"You ever see a picture of her back then? Whew," said John Spencer of Clinton's younger days.

"I don't know why Bill married her," he said of the Clintons, who celebrated their 31st anniversary this month.

Noting Hillary Clinton looks much different now, he chalked it up to "millions of dollars" of "work" - plastic surgery.

"She looks good now," he said.

Spencer's bizarre comments came during a conversation with a reporter seated beside him and his wife, Kathy, on the 10:30 a.m. JetBlue flight Friday to Rochester, the site of the race's first debate....

...His comments on her appearance came during a sporadic conversation as Spencer checked out the television on the seat in front of him ("My man Columbo's on!") and then settled into reading The New York Times. (In his words, "Checking in on the enemy.")

Wow - imagine if Spencer were elected and he spoke to all reporters like that! It would be comedy gold! It's not like he was going to win the race, but saying crazy stuff doesn't help.... unless he's trying to entice reporters to spend time with him, and then it's actually brilliant.