2005_11_storm.jpgThe temperatures have been going up, up, up, up since Friday barely made it above freezing. The sun has broken through this afternoon and busted the Weather Service and Weather Channel forecasts. AccuWeather got it right, though, by forecasting a high of 63 degrees. No need for gloves tonight. Thanks to fog, our low temperatures will remain in the mid-50s tonight. That’s several degrees higher than our normal high temperatures.

At this time of the year the sun is too low in the sky to warm us up this much. To get this warm this far north requires a loopy jet stream. We're in the warm portion of that loop right now but later in the week the jet stream will shift and cold air will return. Tomorrow night and Wednesday are looking messy as the blizzard causing problems on the Great Plains heads our way. We won't get the blizzard, but fog, showers, thunderstorms, and high winds will all be our friends before colder weather settles in on Thursday