2008_11_mccreasdy.jpgTwo weeks out of prison with a career comeback getting underway, what better time for a television interview from country singer Mindy McCready, the former mistress of pitcher Roger Clemens? McCready will be on Inside Edition tonight discussing her life in the cockpit alongside "The Rocket," telling the tabloid that their affair was conducted very out in the open, vacationing together throughout. She also says that she left Clemens because "I wanted him to do right by me." That seems to contradict a previous interview with the Daily News where McCready said she never intended to marry him and he should have "done right by his family." Clemens, who has had his reputation severely tarnished by the affair that broke following his embarrassing role in the steroid scandal, is defended by McCready as "one of the most wonderful men I've ever known…He treated me like a princess." She also notes their relationship was not sexual for years--possibly because they met when she was 15.