Hey, look, microwaves bounce off more than just raindrops and snowflakes. The National Weather Service posted the above radar image to their Facebook page yesterday. That donut over the North Fork of Long Island was the return signal from tens of thousands of birds taking flight.

You know what else took flight yesterday? That stupid upper level low that brought more than a week of cloudy, rainy weather. High pressure and clear skies will be our companion for the next several days. Despite a brisk north wind there will be plenty of sun and a high in the lower 70s this afternoon. Cooler air arrives tonight, and tomorrow's high will be 65 or thereabouts.

The winds will shift from northerly to westerly as the Canadian air mass settles over us for the weekend. That change in wind direction will allow warmer air to reach the city. Saturday's high will be in the mid 70s and Sunday's should approach 80 degrees.