This satellite image from Sunday morning was too pretty to pass up. There's all sorts of stuff going on, the most obvious being the early season snow cover from Saturday's storm. The big white blob over western Pennsylvania is fog rolling inland from Lake Erie. Over Lake Ontario toward Syracuse is a band of lake effect clouds. Off the East Coast you can see how many miles dry air had to travel before it got saturated by water evaporating from the ocean surface.

Despite the cold weather of the last few days October managed to barely stay warmer than normal for the month. Seventh month in a row! High pressure over Virginia means today's maximum temperature will be close to the normal high in the upper 50s. Tomorrow will probably be a degree or two warmer under mostly sunny skies.

A cold front is expected to move through the area on Thursday night. There's not much moisture with this front so no not much more than a few clouds are expected. The sun returns on Friday but it will be cooler and brisk. Look for a high in the mid 50s with a northerly breeze. The temperature should only reach the low 50s on Saturday but after that it seems like we'll have a several days of warmer weather under plenty of clear skies.