Check out the iridescent cloud up there! Anyway, after a tornado-filled weekend what say we get some restful weather this week? Despite the inherent uncertainty in weather forecasting it looks like we've got nothing but clear blue skies all week long. As seen on the morning satellite image there's nary a cloud between here and the front range of the Rockies as a massive high pressure system settles in over the eastern half of the country. This morning's low of 58 is the first time since June 26th that the temperature has fallen below 60 degrees. We might make it up to 75 this afternoon.

If it seems breezy today that's due to the pressure gradient between the big high pressure system to our west and tropical storm Leslie, which will be several hundred miles due east of here later today. Watch out Newfoundlanders as you may get a direct hit. Hurricane Michael is a more compact storm compared to Leslie but is further east and not hitting land any time soon.

Tomorrow should be the coolest day of the week around here with a low in the mid 50s and a high around 75. A bit of a warm up is expected later in the week. Look for highs right around 80 degrees from Wednesday until at least Saturday.