If you thought we had a lot of snow last weekend check out Atlanta. Seven billion billion billion inches! There should be quite a spectacle in the sky tonight when that column of snow smacks into the moon.

Today is going to be a brisk winter's day around these parts. The will be plenty of sun but the high won't make it to freezing and the steady northwesterly breeze will make it feel much cooler. More sun and a lesser breeze will make tomorrow a bit more pleasant. Clouds will arrive Thursday night but they should not cause flight delays for reindeer-guided aircraft.

You've heard about this nasty Midwestern blizzard, right? The storm is going to pass well to the west of New York on Christmas Day. Instead of snow and cold the city will see warm and rainy weather starting on Friday. Look for highs around 40 on Friday and the mid 40s with periods of rain, and maybe heavy rain, over the weekend.