The first week of fall is going to be about the quietest week of weather ever. A cool Canadian high pressure system is expected to slowly move eastward from the northern Great Lakes to northern Maine over the week. That alone would pretty much guarantee clear skies, but a ridge of high pressure above will double that guarantee.

This afternoon's high will only reach the mid 60s . It was 96 degrees twelve days ago! The clear skies may bring the coolest weather of the season tonight. Places in the mid-Hudson Valley are likely to dip into the mid-30s with some spots seeing the first frost of fall. Here in the city the urban heat island will keep our low near 50 degrees. High temperatures for the rest of the week through the weekend should the lower 70s. There's no real chance of rain until sometime next week.

This past weekend marked the 75th anniversary of the Great New England Hurricane of 1938. That storm was remarkable in many ways, and is still the most devastating hurricane to hit eastern Long Island and New England. A storm surge of 14-18 ft and waves 30-50 ft high created Shinnecock Inlet and temporarily turned Montauk into an island. A terrible forecast by the Weather Bureau (the National Weather Service's ancestor), and an insane forward speed of 70 mph (fasted ever recorded), meant people in the path of the storm had almost no warning and upwards of 800 people perished.