dogbusiness.jpgScofflaw pet owners beware! The Department of Sanitation is moving to get tough on the bane of city sidewalks: non-scoopers.

"We want to get the Health Department involved and possibly get the mayor out there, too," Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty said yesterday.

We're not sure if Bloomberg knows that he's slated to be on dog-poo cleanup duty, but the Mayor's never been one to shy away from getting his hands dirty when it comes to law and order. The canine crackdown will involve televised PSAs reminding pet owners of their responsibilities (see picture for extra-responsible behavior) and fines will be raised from $100 to $250 per "infraction".

Gothamist was all over this story back in February, including the obligatory link to New York Shitty.

(Photo from lchance's flickr photostream)