The city is happy to announce that a "record number" of streets and sidewalks are "acceptably clean," according to a report. The first quarter of 2004 had 90% of city street pass "cleanliness standards," compared with the 71% that passed in 1975 (the funniest thing is that acceptably cleans means a few scraps can be on the ground). Of course, some say the ratings are not truly indicative of the streets, since many trashcans are overflowing, but the Mayor's office claims the same criteria was used in 2004 as used in 1975. Maybe back in 1975 there were much lower expectations. Or maybe the street-observers today saw cigarette butts outside bars, just considered that collateral damage and ignored it. Same goes for dog poo - it's organic, it'll wash away, etc.

More about alternate side of street parking, which, of course, is due to street cleaning.

Photograph from slower.