Very Angry Man Donald Trump has been "toning down" some of his, er, more incendiary rhetoric on the presidential campaign trail now that he's all the closer to clinching the GOP nomination, going so far as to call rival Ted Cruz "Senator Cruz" instead of preferred nickname "Lyin' Ted." Sad! But lest you fear the Trump we know and suffer through is gone forever, The Loud Orange One let his personality peek through at a rally this week, when he imitated an Indian call center operator's accent.

The point of this, of course, was to show that overseas workers are stealing all our jobs—Trump apparently engineered some sort of sting operation that involved calling his credit card company, and was redirected to a call center in India. "I said to this person, 'Where are you from?' I wasn't checking on my card, I was actually finding out if this was true," he said. "So I called up under the guise of checking on my card. I said: 'Where are you from?' 'We are from India.'" A beautiful story.


Still, the Trump camp's working hard to keep their candidate from running his mouth off too much, if just so the GOP can rally behind him as the nominee before the Cleveland convention in June. They're now claiming is shtick is just an act, and soon he'll start seeming a little more...presidential. "That's what's important for you to understand: That he gets it, and that the part he's been playing is evolving," campaign chief, Paul Manafort told the Times. "You'll start to see more depth to the person, the real person." Can't wait!