New Yorkers may miss former governor Eliot Spitzer enough to prefer having him as governor over Governor David Paterson, but, as the transcripts from State Inspector General Joseph Fisch reveal, Spitzer is still basically a huge asshole. As part of the investigation into the Troopergate mess—where Spitzer and his aides developed a campaign to smear (then) Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno—, Fisch needed to interview Spitzer. The NY Times reports that Fisch "found him hostile, frustrated over his experience in Albany and with his legendary temper in full bloom."

First, Spitzer had Fisch meet him in his office, instead of the inspector general's Manhattan office, because Spitzer claimed the media (the meeting took place in late October) was hounding him. Security people at Spitzer's building told Fisch there hadn't been any media in weeks; Spitzer claimed there are people "constantly inquiring of where I am and my whereabouts." Then the former governor blasted Paterson for releasing Spitzer's e-mails, "These are FOIL’s that related to me, related to my children. They were not within the scope of the request...I am very conscious of the failure of those within the chamber these days to observe even a modicum of legal principle, ethical conduct, or respect for others who have held the office." Kinda rich that he's talking about a modicum of legal principle and ethical conduct in the governors chamber, huh?

Spitzer also snapped at Fisch, a former judge, saying, "My time is precious, judge. What's your question?," called Fisch "one more little Pac-Man participating in this fishing expedition" and complained that the Troopergate investigation showed the "inability of people in Albany to focus on what matters." You can read the transcript of the interview here (PDF).