Picnic in the park; Photo - NY Daily NewsThe Daily News "exposes" that people bring alcoholic beverages to the public places, like Central Park or the beach, even though it's not permitted. But, in Central Park, especially at Summerstage concerts, the enforcement seems minimal, whereas if you're having a fundraiser for September 11 memorials in Far Rockaway, attended by working class cops, fire fighters, and their families, you're more likely to get busted. The Daily News wonders if it's a class difference, with their "Wine's cool, Beer's a Fine" headline but maybe the Queens cops wanted to fill their quotas of summonses for the month in one fell swoop. And there's more ground to cover at a concert. But Gothamist does note how the Daily News interviews an upwardly mobile, most likely gay couple as the quintessential New Yorkers who frequent Summerstage or concerts in the parks, wine in picnic basket and all.

The Parks Department rule regarding alcohol - Section 1-05, subsection F: "Except where specifically permitted by the Commissioner, no person shall consume any alcoholic beverage in any park, playground, beach, swimming pool or other park property or facility, nor shall any person possess any alcoholic beverage with intent to consume or facilitate consumption by others."

When Gothamist has gone to Summerstage with wine, we've managed to smuggle it in, although those few moments with security checking our bags, we've damned ourselves for not pouring wine into a water bottle, though.

If you're going to the park, get a picnic to go from E.A.T.