2007_04_beaconschool.jpgA public school is facing a mini-crisis because students and a teacher went to Cuba for spring break. The Beacon School on West 61st Street has had a tradition of "extravagant overseas trips with complementary semester-long classes," involving places like France, South Africa, and Venezula, but a trip headed by history teacher Nathan Turner may have violated travel restrictions - the group of kids was detained by customs officials on the return!

The Post reports that Beacon School principal Ruth Lacey "initially claimed to have no knowledge of the trip but later recalled having denied approval for it." While Turner organized it on his own, information about the trip was listed on the school's website. Now the Post has the Department of Education involved, and the DOE is investigating how the school managed to pull off its earlier trips.

According to the State Department, high school students aren't allowed to visit Cuba. Though students could face up to $65,000 in fines each, one parent said, "It concerns me more that we have a blockade on Cuba that's lasted more than 40 years."