2007_05_olandria.jpgThe story about the Rutgers class president and RA who was arrested for burglarizing a dorm room gets even crazier. Rutgers senior Christa Olandria was removed as class president as the police continue to investigate her involvement in a series of at Lynton Hall, a dorm at Rutgers' Livington campus. Monday afternoon, students entered their locked dorm room to find George Calhoun inside, stealing a laptop, digital camera and wallet; Olandria, who, as an RA, has a master key to all rooms, was allegedly standing outside and tried to stop students from chasing Calhoun. University police believe that Olandria, a NJ resident, and Calhoun, who is from Queens, might be behind other dorm burglaries since September.
Olandria's brother told the Post, "That's the only [burglary] she did. She's not involved in the other ones...She wasn't thinking. It was money." Ya think? Olandria, who was named "Ms. R.U." in a beauty contest last year, and Calhoun may not graduate pending the investigation.

A student told the AP that Lynton Hall residents were leaving their TVs and stereos on, to make it seem like they were in their rooms, while they would take their laptops and iPods with them. Students had suspected it was an inside job, perhaps an fire marshal with a master key. Now students are asking for full compensation for stolen items, since a school employee seems to be behind the thefts. And Olandria isn't the only class president who's been in hot water: NYU class president Meredith Dolgin came under fire about some financial malfeasance and petition oddities (she eventually stepped down).