An interesting juxtaposition of convention news today: The Times reports that Wall Street firms are going to be wining and dining Republican politicians and delegates in town for the Republican National Convention (august 30-September 2), while Newsday says end of August street fairs will be banned because police need to concentrate their efforts on convention security. There had been 14 street fairs scheduled during the time of the convention, but they have now been reschedule. Police officers will be working 12 hours shifts plus overtime during the convention, and while most street fair organizers understand the demands of the police, they are disappointed that visiting delegates won't be able to see a NYC street fair in its glory, smoky Italian sausages, watery fruit smoothies, cheap socks for sale, and all.

The Times gives some detail to the parties that are being planned for Republicans - many of which financial institutions pay for while Republicans plan. The two big honorees are Alabama Senator Richard Shelby, chairman of the Banking Committe, and Ohio Representive Michael Oxley, the House Committee on Financial Services chairman, so expect to hear those names a lot in August. One, thrown by Securities Industry Association and the Bond Market Association, will be held at Penthouse 15 on the West Side; it's the same building where a party crasher died as he tried to get in.

And, hey - if you're between ages 18-24, perhaps you are the youth speaker the Republican National Committee and MTV are looking for! Write an essay about "Why is the President's call to community service important and how have you demonstrated it?"

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