As the Occupy Wall Street movement grows and spreads across the country (and around the world), Republicans are trying to figure out how to make OWS work for them. Besides just calling the protesters an unruly and scary mob, some are wondering why there hasn't been any attention about the anti-Semitism at Zuccotti Park, which is what Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin did after seeing a video from Emergency Committee for Israel, whose board members include notable conservatives Bill Kristol and Gary Bauer.

Of course, Daily Intel points out that lots has been said about the alleged anti-Semitism (Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck's site, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, etc), plus, "The ratio of outraged published reports or commentaries about anti-Semites at OWS to actual anti-Semites at OWS is probably about ten to one. This video [from ECI]... tries to portray the movement as anti-Semitic by bringing a video camera to the rally and filming four people holding up anti-Semitic signs or saying something anti-Semitic. One of them is featured twice."

One protester at Zuccotti Park told WCBS 2 the claims of anti-Semitism seemed far-fetched, “My 65-year-old mother has been coming in from New Jersey to be with us here. She’s going through foreclosure and bankruptcy. She’s not a crazy anti-Semite; she grew up in a Hasidic household." Still, videos like the Los Angeles substitute teacher who told Reason TV the problem was 'the Zionist Jews who are running these big banks and the Federal Reserve, which is not run by the Federal Government, they need to be run out of this country" don't help perception.