A juror from the trial of Lynne Stewart, the lawyer who was found guilty of aiding her client, a "terrorist cleric," has told a judge she was coerced into finding Stewart guilty. Juror 39, whose identity is kept anonymous (described in the NY Times as a "slight woman with high cheekbones"), claims that her verdict "only as a result of the fear and intimidation" because she "was made to fear for her life" as other jurors would verbally assault her. Plus, she apparently felt that someone who was not a juror was targetting her. Yikes! This is the best we can figure out the timeline, from the Times and AP: The juror asked to write to the judge shortly after the February verdict, and then wrote a letter to the judge in March. Then she met with Stewart's lawyer in April. The U.S. Attorney's office argues that the juror's allegations are "exceedingly vague" and "riddled with layers of hearsay." The NY Times says the letter's language "appears to be more sophisticated than the answers she gave when she was questioned." Judge John G. Koetl has not ruled on whether or not the trial's verdict should be tossed.