Do you respect "parking chairs" or "dibs?" The practice of saving a parking spot you've dug out with a plastic chair, trash can, sign, blow-up doll, etc., has a long and storied history in some snowier cities but doesn't rear its head that often around these parts. Which isn't to say it doesn't happen here even in warm weather—but let's just talk about snow-related dibs right now. Anyway, with the remains of Blizzageddon still on the ground, its an issue that seems to be back on folk's minds.

First off, we totally understand why. When you've gone and spent hours getting your car excavated from a pile of dirty snow few things are as irritating as losing "your" spot and not being able to find another one. But also? Nobody should be allowed to claim public streets as private property.

Over in Jersey residents apparently respect the unwritten rule and we've seen people save spots with good results in the Bronx and Staten Island (less good elsewhere). What about you?

Meanwhile, it is hard not to enjoy the passive aggressive notes people leave when their dibs have been denied.