2008_10_civil.jpgGunshots fired at a Civil War re-enactment may have reopened centuries of festering tensions after a New York native was shot last weekend--with a real bullet. 73-year-old Thomas Lord, a corporal in the Seventh New York Volunteer Cavalry fighting as part of the Union cause, had to be taken off the Sumner, VA battlefield in a helicopter after a marble-sized bulled hit him in the back and passed though his shoulder. Guns are usually inspected before re-enactors go into battle and no one from the Confederates has admitted that they fired the weapon in question. John Jobe, a fellow re-enactor portraying a sergeant alongside Lord, says that he is eager to find out just who shot him and wants to press charges, telling the NY Times that "some yahoos are still fighting the war." Mr. Lord sounded equally disappointed that his injury forced a temporary truce, just when the Union soldiers had arrived in a trench where "the rebels were dug in and we had taken their earthworks."