Bronx cop Marc Rios, an 11-year-veteran currently under indictment for smashing a man in the face with his baton during a road-rage incident, has now been slapped with a federal civil rights suit. Victim John Roperto is seeking unspecified damages from Rios over the March altercation, which Roperto says was sparked after he left a Kingsbridge nightclub around 4:20 a.m and an NYPD squad car almost ran him over. Roperto, 32, slapped the car in anger, which prompted Rios to get out and crack him in the face with his flexible police baton, breaking both Roperto's cheekbone and the baton.

The lawsuit alleges that the blow knocked Roperto into the gutter, then Rios and his partner drove away. And when Rios's Sergeant later informed him about a 911 call to the location, he allegedly quipped, "That must be my bag of shit." Rios faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted; but maintains he acted in self-defense when Roperto approached him with his hands hidden beneath a jacket. Roperto's lawyer tells the Daily News, "If Rios was wearing a hoodie and baggy pants, he would be in Rikers right now in this case of road rage. And instead of doing anything, Rios' partner speeds off in the getaway car with him."