Nine years after Science Applications International Corporation bled the city's coffers of $600 million for Mayor Bloomberg's timekeeping fiasco that no one seems to care about, the company has fired three executives linked to the project. In a letter obtained by the Daily News, SAIC's CEO wrote to employees yesterday, "The kind of behavior we have seen in CityTime is criminal and is an affront to everything SAIC stands for as a company." It's unclear whether he scribbled in the margins, "But we're still keeping the cash."

Eleven people, including SAIC employees consulting the city on the project, were indicted in December on charges of corruption. But don't worry, SAIC has conducted an internal review, and found "failures of management" that could no longer be abided. The CEO said that to his knowlege, none of the three fired employees "had any personal involvement in the fraud uncovered." Nope, they were just partially responsible for the massive waste of taxpayer money: all in a day's work. At least they were finally fired, unlike another executive who let $600 million "slip through the cracks."